Managing and mitigating growing risks in the vulnerable business landscape, through detection, investigation & prevention of corporate frauds to achieve a corruption free environment.


Asia-Pacific is a unique place in the global financial, consumer and digital technology landscape. Within this vast region is a wide range of markets that vary in size and economic maturity. In this year characterized by geopolitical risk, economic uncertainty and increased regulatory intensity, 50 percent of businesses surveyed in Asia-Pacific have seen an increase in fraud losses over the past 12 months from account originations and account takeovers - both potentially damaging to brand reputation. This is slightly lower than the global average of 55 percent. Fraud losses were particularly prominent in India at a reported 65 percent and lowest in Hong Kong at 34 percent. Despite fraud losses being among the lowest worldwide (U.S. has the highest incidence at 80 percent), businesses across all markets in the Asia-Pacific region can agree on one thing – fraud is a major concern. More than two-thirds of businesses reported an increased concern for fraud losses since last year.

The two-day summit allows delegates to revolutionise debate on real-life experiences and cultivate innovative solutions to reshape the quality of your corporate fraud detection & control program. Delegates will take back valuable information in regards to high level risk management program, upcoming challenges, broadening the fraud dialogue, profiling fraudsters, empowering internal audit committee, psychology of white collar crime, investigation framework, internal control program, recent trends in corporate fraud to upscale ethical standards in your organisation and take advantage of the many networking opportunities on offer.


Fraudology - The art of fraud and the science of uncovering it

Iyad Mourtada, Managing Director
OpenThinking Academy

Fraud Examination like any other discipline is based on a set of standards and principles that guide professionals while they are resolving fraud allegations.
Fraudology is the science of understanding how fraudsters think, plan and do fraud and what fraud examiners can do to prevent and detect fraud.
This session will be delivered using fraud cases that demonstrate the mindset of fraudsters and methods they used to do the greatest fraud of all times.

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  • Business integrity through effective fraud control strategies and standards
  • The potential of data analytics to counter fraud
  • Establishing a 'perception of detection'
  • Using digital forensics in Fraud investigations
  • Interview preparation and proven techniques
  • Building an effective anti-bribery framework
  • Detecting white-collar criminals in workplace to avoid business crimes


  • Gain insight from experienced practitioners into the challenges that affect anti-fraud professionals today
  • Learn about the latest fraud schemes, leading-edge investigation techniques and the steps to developing an effective anti-fraud program
  • Explore best practices from the India's top companies
  • Expand your professional network with contacts that can aid your future fraud investigation
  • Gain insights into the statutory and regulatory regime
  • Protect your organisation with strategies preventing and responding to fraud cases
  • Ensure organizational sustainability in the business environment of increased fraud risks


  • Head of Fraud Risk Management
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Chief Risk Officers
  • Chief of Internal Audit, Internal Control & Compliance
  • Chief Vigilance Officers
  • Head of Enterprise / Operational Risk
  • Head of Inspection
  • Head of Banking Operations
  • Head of Corporate Governance
  • Head of Cyber Security
  • Chief Information Officers & Chief Information Security Officers

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